Domino Poker QQ: An Indonesian Poker

Domino qq is a form of poker game that is really making popularity in Indonesia. And now, it is making rounds around the internet too.

Online casinos are really taking players by surprise. They give jackpots similar to a real life casino, and many more perks and prizes. Which is why more and more people are betting in online casinos than going places to enroll in tournament.

Let’s say, what else do you to go out for when you can just play right at the comfort of your home?

Today, this blog will talk about everything about Domino poker qq and the tips you need to know on how to win an online poker jackpot.

Rules of Domino QQ

The Rules of Domino QQ

If you’re not really familiar with domino qq then you may find this game a bit confusing and hard, but if you can already get the hang of it then everything will just come easy.

For beginners the game is usually played with dominoes containing 28 double-six. Unlike the US, Indonesian dominoes are usually smaller card.

  1. The players will start playing by putting amount into the post. The amount will vary, it could be a lower bett or higher.
  2. After the bet, all players will be then dealt with 3 dominoes.
  3. Once everyone have their dominoes. They can then do 1 of 4 things. If there’s no previous better card then they can bet, but if there’s a previous better then they can call, raise or fold.
  4. Now during the play, once the card is dealt, the final round of betting then happens.
  5. Take note, both rounds have betting limit and the second round must have a higher a limit.
  6. At the last round, all players must fold to show their hands.
  7. The player with the highest or the best hand will win the game.

Tips to Win

In playing poker online, of course everybody wants to win. But the thing is, it’s not just easy as how you want it to be. You have to be aware that there are often times that you will lose and times that you will likely score a good win.

To help you, here’s a few tips to be able to strike a good win.

  1. Diligently play gambling Poker
  2. Add consecutive amount of deposit
  3. Place a bet on big numbers
  4. Trying to play in the middle of the night
  5. Do not change rooms too often
  6. Do not forget to buy Jackpot
  7. Take advantage of special cards

Doing these will surely help you in winning. Not only that, mastering this also trains you to become an expert of the game.

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