Judi Slot and similar games

Leo City 88 is a strategic planning game available for users on the portal. It is again another variant of a Judi slot game where players can try out their luck and aim for the jackpot. Coins can be purchased by users via credit cards, debit cards or any other preferred payment method. These coins are then used activate the slots. On bagging a perfect combination, users can claim jackpots and get returns as high up to thirty times than what they put in to the slot machine. Each user or player once logged in, is provided a wallet which can hold all the prize money. The winnings can be accumulated in this wallet. The player has the option to play on and keep all his winnings in his wallet and log off. The accumulated points will be credited against the user and stay in his wallet until they opt to encash the same. Again the user has the freedom to withdraw his winnings as money into his account or as a pay check depending on his preference. The reversal normally takes a minimum of 24 hours which is taken care off by the financial support team of the website.

The accumulated coins or win may then be put to use to play Leo City 88. It is a simulation game where we can purchase and build our own camp. The option to search for fellow users playing is available. You can spot the base camps set up by them and attack and invade them to get grab or resources and extra coins. Troops and barracks are formed to keep the base secure from invasion by other users. The ultimate aim is to safeguard your camp and earn more coins by invading your fellow users. This includes heavy planning and hence falls under strategic and development games, which requires good skills to maintain a game level of higher standards. The building and training of troops is normally controlled by a internal timer and can be boosted by investing more coins and reducing the timer. Internal targets and levels are maintained for the user to achieve and upgrade their base accordingly which will lead them to gain bonus coins which can be again collected in the wallet or invested in building the camp further. At the end of each rounds, a leader board denotes the user who acquired most coins by invasions and meeting targets. The beauty of this game is, the user can pull out at any level and transfer all his points into subsequent number of coins which may be encashed towards the end.